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June 6, 2023

Crime Alert TV

Crime Alert TV is a Unit of Prabhat Productions and subsidiary of Indian Prime Video which Presents Various Viral Song Music Video, Viral Movie and Viral News.

Watch Fadfadaa Movie Official Trailer

Our Projects

Indian Prime Video Youtube Channel, a unit of Prabhat Productions is making Viral Videos which consist various Indian Prime Video Viral Movie, Show & Sex Scandal, Music Video for Viral Song, Viral News Video on Latest News & Documentary and Viral Song for Poem (Kavita). Our viral videos are , FadfadaaRealizeClean India MissionPewdiepie Despacito 2020. Indian Prime Video Channel is expertise in Viral Movie and Viral Song.

Fadfadaa Movie Official Trailer

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Coming Soon

Our Forthcoming Videos are “Amazon Prime Video India”, “FaceBook Lovers”, “Google ke Chhichhore”, “NetFlix Ke Fan”l, “YouTube Money Makers”, “Ullu & Hot Babes”, “AltBalaji ka Alternate” , “CarryMinati ke Pravachan”, ” Lakshay Heen Chaudhary”, “Triggered – Insaan YA Insane”, ” Innocent Riya Suicidal Piya”, “Zee ka Janjaal”, ” News Ke Sholay”, “Luis Fonsi ki Despacito”, ” PewDiePie and Chicken Fry”, “Shubh Prabhat”, ” Psycho Thriller “, ” Love Sex & Feeling “, ” Fake News”, “Treatment and MediClaim”, ” Loans & Insurance “, ” MLM ka Chakkar”, “Website & Online Income”, ” Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye”, ” Modern Majnu”, “MeToo ka Misuse”, ” Khan ka Bhagwaan”, “Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye”, “Aankh-Micholi”, “Angry Man”, “Anger”, “Temper”, “Number Last Gavaiyaa”.

Hindi Movie Fadfadaa

Indian Prime Video presents “Fadfadaa” which is a Theatrical Hindi Movie based on an innocent person who is eager to take Revenge and become Psycho. Writer, Actor, Director, Producer Prabhat Kumar Mishra make this film under Prabhat Productions. Film will be released all over world in 2021. Most Vital Songs of this Movie are “Fadfada Bhai Fadfada“, “Jaanam Aa Jaana“, “Sanki“, “Faili Jo Aasmaan me“, “Sanam Hai Patthar Ka“, “SuperHit Hai Tu“, “Jab Se Dekha” and “PewDiePie Despacito“.

Indian Prime Video Presents Fadfadaa Movie

Artists: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Vaishali Patil, Kavita Uniyal, Raja Bhargava, Pramod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Jasmer, Ravesh Dogra, Pravesh Babbar(Bheem), Ashok Dutta, Akiriti Sinha.

Lyricist: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Devendra Dev, Sunita Kumari, Harbhajan Maan

Singer: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Kavita Dey, Jeet BalsarPuri, Subhash Bhatnagar, Rahul Singh.

Choreographer: Prabhat Kumar Mishra,0 Sabah Bari Mayuri

Assistant Directors: Ravesh Dogra, Akiriti Sinha, Raja Bhargava.

Indian Prime Video YouTube Channel also releases Fadfadaa Movie Songs and various short films, web series and songs. This channel also make various videos on News Analysis, Health Issues, Debates, Roast and events. Indian Prime Video will also organise various Social, Cultural & Commercial Events all over India under Banner of Prabhat Productions & Donors Club of India.

Prabhat Kumar Mishra breaks a World Record of Actor Jacky Chan

Prabhat Kumar Mishra makes a World Record of getting 21 Credits in one Movie “Fadfadaa”. He break previous World Record of 15 Credits which was made by Actor Jacky Chan.

His name in Starring (Actor), Fight Director, Stunt Man, Publicity Designer, Light & Equipments, Properties, Art Director, Censor Script, Marketing Head, Choreographer, Costume, Catering, Singer, Lyrics, Composition, Executive Producer, Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Producer, Director in Fadfadaa Movie.

Prabhat Kumar Mishra got World Record of Most Credits in One Movie for Hindi Feature Film Fadfadaa.

Indian Prime Video -Future Planning

This Website also plans to open more than 100 offices all over India for News Coverage, Film Making and Website Promotion for which website will hire and appoint more than 500 persons Staff to work in all over India. Our Subsidiary Firm Donors Club of India plans to arrange own Shooting Location, News Room, Editing & Dubbing Studio, Camera, Lights and Costumes for above mentioned Projects and News & Debates Programs.

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Indian Prime Video YouTube Channel

Kaun Banega Next Star Contest

Make Video on this Title Song (Music) of Hindi Movie Fadfadaa. Share Your Video on various Network. Artist of the most Liked Video will be Winner. Winner will get Role in our next Hindi Film.

BREAKING NEWS: फड़फड़ा फिल्म के गाने की यूट्यूब, फेसबुक, इन्स्टाग्राम, ट्विटर पर धूम। इंटरनेट पर गाने को पोस्ट करने की होड़ मच गई। फिल्म निर्देशक प्रभात कुमार मिश्रा ने बेस्ट वीडियो बनाने वाले को अगली फिल्म में रोल का वादा किया।

Indian Prime Video Viral Movie

Fadfadaa in 2021

The most viral song of the year is here the Title Song Fadfadaa of Hindi Feature Film Fadfadaa is Written Directed and Produced under Prabhat Productions which will be Released Worldwide Theaters . The song has more than One Million views and is liked by people across the internet. Please feel free to drop your feedback on the video and share it with your friends and family.


The team behind the viral video

Prabhat Productions Presents Fadfadaa


The most viral song of the year is here the song Despacito is written directed and produced under Prabhat Productions.The song has more than One Lac views and is liked by people across the internet. Please feel free to drop your feedback on the video and share it with your friends and family.



Indian Prime Video – Crime Videos

Crime Alert Najayaz Sambandh

The Most Viral Video Topic is based on Extramarital Relationship and Sex. Crime Alert TV Video Episode | क्राइम अलर्ट | ससुर बहु | Sasur Bahu ka Najayaz Rishta Savdhaan India.

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